Job Openings - SmugMug Jobs

Backend Engineer 

If you look at an app and try to figure out its database schema…if you wish every website provided a full API…if you worry about cache invalidation and naming things—you may be just the backend alchemist we’re searching for to create magic for our customers...See position details.


Are you a Swift-writing savant determined to make every mobile experience you craft the best it can be? Yes? You’re in luck! Because we’re looking for a seasoned iOS engineer to help make the SmugMug Mobile app experience be all it can be—and better. You’ll have the...See position details.


SmugMug is searching for a behind the curtain guy/gal who’s got brains, courage, heart and wants to join our close-knit team responsible for operating a SaaS infrastructure serving billions of photos and millions of customers. Do you also have a passion for automation, testing and tool building?? No way! We thought it was just us… See position details.


SmugMug is seeking our next UX Design Superstar — someone who’ll bring their unique work/life experience, their passion for anything post-modern, and a wholehearted willingness to let their geek flag fly — all to strengthen our already awesome team of design demigods. If you thrive at solving complex requirements with seemingly simple solutions, require minimal guidance and are most happy in a highly collaborative environment, SmugMug might just be the place for you… See position details.

Windows Software Engineer 

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: develop killer desktop apps that help our customers get their photos uploaded to the safest place on the ‘net. We’re looking for a top-notch Software Engineer to join our small, elite team in creating the next generation of SmugMug’s app experience on the Windows...See position details.

Frontend Engineer 

If you’re all about making the online world a more beautiful place…if you obsess about form usability, automated test coverage, security and mobile-first design strategy…if you ACTUALLY read the specs…if you’re looking to flex your flex box and ES6 skills a constantly moving, data-driven development environment—you may just be the mid-senior frontend e-commerce alchemist we're searchin’ for...See position details.

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